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Healthy salads 100% organic -Unrivaled freshness! 

The concept of Ma Vitrine Bio is to offer you delicious organic salads that are fresh and nutritious. This brand focuses on the importance of eating organic food. In fact, their products don't contain any GMOs or chemical products. This is an excellent way to reduce your consumption of pesticides and to contribute   to your wellbeing.

Their salads recipes are established by their nutritionist, which means that you're guaranteed to have a healthy, complete and balanced meal without including any gluten! Their products are also vegetarian and vegan.

It's simple! All you need to do is to pour  the salad dressing that is already included and mix! Once you're done with the meal, you can reuse the container as many times as you wish.





Vegan cheese VegNature

Founded in late 2014, VegNature is the product of imagination and hard work of Nancy Grenier. VegNature aspires to be a green company, anti-speciesist and human. VegNature Nancy Grenier designs, manufactures and distributes VegNature's vegan cheeses, called Vromages, and other vegan products in over 150 retailers all over Québec, in Ontario, New-Brunswick, Newfoundland-and-Labrador, et the states of New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. VegNature Nancy Grenier is dedicated to offer its customers the visual and gustatory pleasures of top quality products, with an attention to details and without any compromise.